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Fall College Admissions

Horry Georgetown Technical College

Fall Registration
There is still time to register for Fall Classes!

Fast Forward II classes begin:

New & Continuing Student Registration Information

Pay Special Attention to Important dates & Tuition deadlines:

  • June 6 - Documents deadline Fall 2016 Financial Aid
  • July 20 - Reminder: First tuition deadline Fall 2016 purge for nonpayment
  • August 10 - Reminder: Second tuition deadline Fall semester purge for nonpayment
  • August 11 - Late Registration Fees apply for Fall 2016 classes
  • August 24 - Reminder: Final tuition deadline Fall semester purge for nonpayment
  • August 29 - Classes begin – Full Fall Semester and Fast Forward I
  • August 30 - Last Day to Add/Drop for Fast Forward I
  • September 2 - Last Day to Add/Drop for Full Fall Semester
  • September 5 - Labor Day Holiday – College closed (FNWD)
  • September 14 - Reminder: Final tuition deadline Flex Start purge for nonpayment
  • September 19 - Classes begin – Flex Start
  • September 21 - Last day to Add/Drop for Flex Start
  • October 19 - Classes begin – Fast Forward II
  • October 20 - Last Day to Add/Drop for Fast Forward II
  • See the academic calendar for all important dates and deadlines

Need help? Chat Live with an Admissions Representative for help with admissions, financial aid, and more! Call the WNC at 843-349-5182, wavenetcentral@hgtc.edu or view the WaveNet registration guide.

  • Attend New Student Orientation either In-person or Online
    Find out everything you need to know about getting around at HGTC
  • Need to pay a bill, change your schedule, find your H number? Visit The Wavenet Central Student Information Center on any campus for answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Hungry? find out what dining options are available at HGTC!
  • Lost? HGTC will have staff on hand in each building during the first week of classes to help you find your way, or download campus maps here.
  • Purchase text books: The Barnes and Noble Bookstore is located on every campus; bring your class schedule to select the correct books and materials.
  • Need a Campus ID or Parking permit?
    Parking decals for the 2015-16 semesters can be obtained at any Campus Public Safety Office. You will need to bring: current vehicle registration card, valid driver's license, and HGTC identification number ("H" number).
  • Have questions about Email, D2l? Contact helpdesk@hgtc.edu or call 843-349-5340
  • Get involved at HGTC: Learn more about what clubs and organizations are offered.
  • See College Catalog/Student Handbook: Get detailed answers to your questions, important phone numbers, student policies, and more.
  • Check class schedules before classes begin: Be sure to check the campus location of each class; look for location on your schedule. Make sure each class is on the campus you plan to attend. Avoid unnecessary travel time. Notice the start date of your class; some classes are LATE START!  

Campus Legend:

  • CON: Conway
  • GTW: Georgetown
  • GS: Grand Strand
  • INT: Internet
  • HYB: Hybrid