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Academic Calendars

Academic calendars

Spring Semester 2017

January 3-College Reopens - Faculty Return

January 3-Deadline for Financial Aid Appeals

January 3-6-Faculty Administrative Days (Admin Days)

January 6-Reminder- Final tuition deadline Full Spring purge for nonpayment

January 9-Late Registration Fees Apply for Spring 2017 classes

January 9-Classes begin-Full Spring Semester and Fast Forward I

January 9-10-Report of Non-Attendance Fast Forward I

January 9-17-Report of Non-Attendance Full Spring

January 10-Last day to Add/Drop Fast Forward I

January 11-Purge Non-payment

January 13-Last day to Add/Drop Full Spring Classes

January16 -Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - College Closed (FNWD)

January 18-Purge for non-payment and non-attendance for Full Spring and FFI

January 25-Reminder - Final tuition deadline Flex Start purge for nonpayment

January 30-Classes begin - Flex Start

Jan 30 - Feb 1-Report of Non-Attendance Flex Start

February 1-Last day of Add/Drop Flex Start

February 1-Purge Non-payment

February 3-Purge Non-attendance for Flex Start

February 15-Academic Advising for Summer 2017 - Schedule viewable in WaveNet

February 22-Purge Non-payment

February 27-Last Day of Classes Fast Forward I

February 28-Exams Fast Forward I

March 1- Registration begins for Summer 2017

March 1-Graduation Application Deadline for Spring 2017

March 1-Grades Due Fast Forward I

March 1-Classes begin Fast Forward II

March 1-2–Report of Non-Attendance Fast Forward II 

March 2-Last Day of Add/Drop Fast Forward II

March 3-Purge for non-attendance FFII

March 8-FINAL Non-payment purge

March 13-Academic Advising for Fall 2017 - Schedule viewable in Wavenet

March 17-Deadline for withdrawals non-punitive grade - Full Spring & Flex Start

March 27-31-Spring Break - no classes (FNWD)

April 3-Registration begins for Fall 2017

April 27-Last Day of Classes

April 24-Full Spring & Flex Start - Last Monday only class

April 25-Full Spring & Flex Start - Last Tuesday only class

April 26-Full Spring & Flex Start - Last M/W, M/W/F, & Wednesday only class

April 27- Full Spring & Flex Start - Last T/R and Thursday only class

April 28-Study Day

May1-Documents deadline Summer 2017 Financial Aid

May1-4-Exams - Full Spring, Flex Start & Fast Forward II

May 8-Grades due by 12:00 pm

May 8-19-Faculty Advising/Professional Development (Admin Days)

May 9-Scholar's Luncheon 12:00 pm

May10-Commencement - Tentative

May10-Students can view grades by 5:00 pm / Financial Aid Status Viewable

Summer Semester 2017

May 01 Deadline for Financial Aid Appeals

May 03 Reminder: Final tuition deadline Maymester purge for nonpayment

May 04 Late Registration Fees apply for Maymester classes

May 08 Classes begin for Maymester

May 08-09 Report of Non-Attendance for Maymester

May 09 Last day to Add/Drop for Maymester

May 10 Reminder: Final tuition deadline Full Summer & Summer I purge for nonpayment\

May 11 Late Registration Fees apply for Full Summer & Summer I classes

May 22 Classes begin for Full Summer and Summer I

May 22-23 Report of Non-Attendance for Summer I

May 22-26 Report of Non-Attendance for Full Summer

May 23 Last Day to Add/Drop Summer I

May 26 Last Day to Add/Drop Full Summer

May 29 Memorial Day – College Closed

May 31   Reminder:  Final tuition deadline Flex Start purge for nonpayment

June 01 Maymester classes end

June 01 Graduation Application Deadline for Summer 2017

June 02 Maymester exams

June 05 Grades Due for Maymester by 5:00 pm

June 05 Classes Begin – Flex Start

June 5-7 Report on Non-Attendance for Flex Start

June 07 Last day to Add/Drop Flex Start

June 21 Reminder:  Final tuition deadline Summer II purge for nonpayment

June 22 Last Day of Classes Summer I

June 23 Exams Summer I

June 26 Grades due by 12:00 pm Summer

June 26 Classes begin Summer II

June 26-27 Report of Non-Attendance for Summer II

June 27 Last Day to Add/Drop Summer II

July 3-7 Independence Holidays – No classes (July 4 College closed) (FNWD)

July 11 Deadline for withdrawals non-punitive grade – Full & Flex

August 4 Last Day of Classes Full Summer & Summer II

August 7-10 Exams Full Summer & Summer II

August 11 Grades due by 12:00 noon Full Summer and Summer II