Illness and Medical Emergency

Illness or Medical Emergency

Depending upon the severity of the case, if a student is incapacitated and immediate evacuation is necessary, the College will provide assistance by contacting local emergency medical technicians, and the student will be taken to the nearest hospital. When this is required, local health professionals will assist. In these cases, the following steps are taken:

  • A faculty or staff member should immediately call 911 to request an ambulance and notify Public Safety;
  •  A faculty or staff member should then notify the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (Conway Campus) or Campus Provost (Georgetown and Grand Strand Campuses) and provide the name of the medical facility to which the student was taken and file an accident/incident report;
  •  Public Safety will immediately contact the student’s emergency contact, identified by the student at admission;
  • As a step in the notification and documentation process for accidents and injuries, an Accident/Incident Report should be completed and routed to appropriate individuals; • In less severe cases, the student should contact the nearest faculty or staff member, make arrangements to see a physician if needed, and have the emergency contact, a parent, spouse or friend take him/her to a physician or home, as appropriate; and,
  •  A report must be filed on all accidents or injuries. Students should report injury to their professor, Student Affairs or Public Safety immediately and a report must be submitted.

Students should report injury to their professor or Student Services immediately and a report must be submitted.