Disability Services

Disability Services

At Horry-Georgetown Technical College your success is our highest goal. The Office for Accessibility and Disabilities provides students with disabilities an equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from programs and services offered at HGTC. We are dedicated to providing appropriate services and accommodations to students with documented disabilities, in compliance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other applicable regulations.

To access services and accommodations, students must first self-identify, obtain documentation of the disability, and make an appointment with an appropriate staff member.

What Documentation is Required?

Your documentation must demonstrate an existence of a condition covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act. Acceptable documentation should be typed on letterhead, signed by a qualified professional (i.e. Medical Doctor, Psychologist, Counselor), and must include specific information regarding the condition, as well as its potential impact on learning. Please provide your qualified professional with the following form that details the guidelines for proper documentation. 

It is the responsibility of the student to provide appropriate documentation to the HGTC disability services provider. This disability services provider can give you more specific information about documentation guidelines.
After submitting your documentation you can arrange a meeting with your campus' Disability Services provider (see Contact Us). You and your disability service provider will decide on appropriate academic accommodations supported by your documentation that will help you to reach your academic goals.

Based on your individual needs and supporting documentation, accommodations may be provided in the classroom. Referral to outside agencies and other resources are also available. 

Rights & Responsibilities:

  • Access to an equal opportunity in courses, services, facilities, activities, etc at the college through appropriate accommodations.
  • Confidentiality of all information pertaining to the student’s disability. Specific information (including documentation) relating to the student’s disability will not be given out without written permissions from the student.
  • Self-Identify to the Coordinator for Students with Disabilities.
  • Provide proper documentation from an appropriate professional verifying the nature of the disability, functional limitations, and the need for specific accommodations.
  • Follow the procedures for obtaining appropriate accommodations and/or aids specific to your disability.
  1.  Contact the appropriate HGTC disability services provider at the beginning of each semester to ensure accommodations are provided in a timely manner.
  2. Inform faculty or professors at the beginning of each semester of approved accommodations via the Faculty Notification Form provided from the disability services provider.
  3. Return signed Faculty Notification From to the disability services provider.
  4. Meet the established procedural requirements for scheduling use of the Testing Center, auxiliary aids, and additional services.
Failure to request services and/or misuse of services on the student’s part may cause a disruption in receiving services. 

Testing Center:

  1. Students who have accommodations that require use of the Testing Center must complete the following steps to ensure services are provided.
  2. Acquire a Testing Room Reservation Form from the disability services provider at your campus at least one week prior to the test/quiz or access the online version provided below.
  3. Fill out the student portion of the Testing Room Reservation Form.
  4. Turn in the Testing Room Reservation Form to your professor. Your professor will sign it, attach your test, and send it to the Testing Center.
  5. Make an appointment with the Testing Center via WaveNet, the Testing Center website ,or by phone (843-349-5248). Let the Testing Center know that a Testing Room Reservation Form will be provided from the instructor.
  6. If you need a scribe, reader, or an interpreter, call Jocelyn Williams at 843-349-5249.
  7. On the day of the test/quiz, report to the Testing Center at your scheduled appointment time. 

Contact Us:

Conway Campus
Jocelyn Williams, M.Ed.
(843) 349-5249
Building 1100, Room 102D

Georgetown Campus
Jaime Davis
(843) 520-1403
Building 100, Room 102

Grand Strand Campus
James Ratliff
Building 200, Room 116

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