Admission Requirements for First-Time Students

Admission Requirements for First-Time Students

To be eligible for admission to the College, a new student must:

1. Submit an admission application, along with the required, non-refundable application fee; applications submitted without payment of the application fee will not be processed.

2. Submit scores from SAT, ACT or college placement test. SAT, ACT, or ACCUPLACER test scores are used to determine admission and proper course placement for new students.

Applicants who have not taken the SAT or ACT may need to complete the College placement test. The College placement tests in the areas of Reading Comprehension, Sentence Skills, Arithmetic and Elementary Algebra are offered the first time free of charge as a service to applicants. A photo ID must be presented prior to testing. Test scores are available immediately upon completion.

Testing candidates may schedule appointments for any testing service and process their request online by going to the Testing Center web page at, or in their WaveNet account under the Testing Center tab. Once you complete the process and pay necessary fees, if applicable, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment. Please bring your confirmation page and a picture ID with you on appointment day.

Testing candidates requesting accommodations should call the Testing Center in which you registered to arrange accommodations in advance.

An applicant/student may re-test once, after a 24-hour waiting period. After the first re-test, an applicant/student may re-test again only if he/she has completed the required developmental studies course sequence, completed an external remediation program, or one HGTC semester has elapsed since the last test date.

Placement testing is available in alternate formats. To request special accommodations for testing, contact the Director of Student Development on the Conway Campus or the Counselor on the Grand Strand or Georgetown Campus.

There is a three-year time limit on acceptance of placement test scores.

3. Submit high school transcript(s). Applicants should request final official high school transcript or GED scores be forwarded to the HGTC Admissions Office. The Admissions Office will consider Multiple Measures for placement and will review high school transcripts/GED Scores during the enrollment process. High School/GED performance will be used by advisors to appropriately place students into courses.

High School Transcripts – If high school performance resulted in a 2.6 unweighted GPA and a “B” average in English and Math courses, students may be admitted and placed into college level courses.

GED Scores – If GED College Ready scores are 165 or higher in Reading through Language Arts and Mathematical Reason, students may be admitted and placed into college level courses.