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HGTC’s Custodial and Food Services Response

HGTC is dedicated to ensuring the utmost in a clean and safe learning and work environment. In light of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) concerns, below are some of the measures the team has and/or is taking to mitigate the impact of the virus to our College and its faculty, staff, and students:

Facility Maintenance and Custodial Service

  • Over recent years, HGTC has placed hand sanitizing stations in the entrance/exit of each building and in each restroom on each Campus. The custodial staff are currently inspecting each building to make sure those devices are in place and functioning as intended. If a device is not located and/or not functioning, it will be replaced immediately;
  • Signs are in place in all restrooms across all campuses urging patrons to wash their hands. The custodial staff is currently ensuring these signs are still in place in all restrooms and will replace any missing signage;
  • HGTC currently has an ample supply of DHEC approved hand sanitizing solution, and will order additional hand sanitizing supplies as needed;
  • HGTC has an ample supply of sanitizing wipes to be placed in classroom/labs across all campuses;
  • The College has purchased and installed protective plexiglass shields at various points and in various workspaces across all campuses to provide an added measure of safety when in close proximity to others;
  • HGTC has removed and/or restricted seating in certain areas across all campuses to optimize social distancing;
  • The College has installed signage requiring the use of masks or face coverings in all buildings and has made those coverings available to faculty, staff and students;
  • All custodial staff have been instructed to re-direct their efforts (from 3:00-5:00 p.m. each day) to not only cleaning but also sterilizing all classroom, lab, and office door knobs/handles, tabletops and other common areas;
  • The College has disconnected its public water fountains on all campuses as recommended by DHEC to avoid the spread of the virus.
  • Prior to the start of fall classes, the custodial staff dedicated their efforts to not only cleaning but chemically sterilizing each classroom/lab. That work included but was not limited to sterilizing floor coverings, seating, tabletops, computer keyboards, door entrance/exit hardware, and other common areas;
  • HGTC uses only commercial grade, DHEC approved cleaning and sterilizing solutions that are OSHA compliant. The College routinely modifies the chemicals we use based on the recommendations of DHEC and other industry experts to ensure we have the best and most effective cleaning products;
  • HGTC replaces its air handling filters on an industry-approved schedule. The College has an ample supply of those filters and will be ensuring that every filter remains current to its replacement schedule;
  • HGTC has engaged the services of an external cleaning company to assist its in-house efforts to clean and sterilize classrooms and Advanced Manufacturing labs in Conway and Georgetown. That firm has been engaged and working for the College since December 2019;

Food Service

With fewer students physically on campus and the need to optimize social distancing, the College has made the decision to cease providing food services on all its campuses other than vending and those products offered in the Campus bookstores. The College will continue to offer a variety of beverages and light snacks in its vending machines and in its bookstores on each campus.