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 Frequently Asked Questions about the Office for Career Services


  1. Do I need any special documents to apply for work study? Any student applying for work study must begin the process in the Office of Career Services. The process starts with the employment application and an interview if you are eligible for work study. If you are offered employment after the interview, you will need to complete the PT employee packet through the college’s HR department and a background check. You must visit the CRC to pick up a referral form before going to the Human Resources (HR) department. HR will not process your packet without a referral form from the Office of Career Services. In order to complete the process, you will need a state issued ID card (ex. Driver’s license or state ID card), social security card (or apply for one with proof of application), and a voided check (for direct deposit of your payroll).

  2. Are the work study schedules flexible and how long do they last? Yes, that’s the beauty of work study. Your work schedule is coordinated with your immediate supervisor and is based upon your available times outside of class hours. In other words, the position works around your class schedule. Students are expected to show up for the work hours they have committed to for the shifts needed. Any changes must be discussed with your supervisor in advance of your daily work hours. Work study placements lasts as long as you are eligible for financial aid and show satisfactory progress and high quality work ethics. Students tend to keep the same position for as long as they are enrolled at the school. Positions are available each semester.

  3. How will I know if I am eligible for work study? The Office of Career Services works in collaboration with the Financial Aid office to determine your work study eligibility. Eligibility is determined by your financial aid award. Your work study award is affected by the amount of “unmet need” you have available after you accept or decline your financial awards such as student loans, Pell and need-based grants, lottery, scholarships, and etc.

  4. How much and when does work study pay? The hourly wages for work study are $9.00 per hour for on-campus positions and $10.00 per hour for off-campus positions. The number of hours you are allowed to work depends upon your work study eligibility. Most students are eligible to work between 15-25 hours per week. Students are paid on the 15th of every month.

  5. How long does the process take? It takes about 7-10 days to complete the work study process from application to placement. The earlier you apply, the quicker we can place you, and the speedier the process.
  1. How do I upload a cover letter and resume and how long does it take for review? You can start the cover letter and resume review process by creating an account on CCN (College Central Network). Use your H# as the user ID and create your own password. Follow all instructions for account setup and you will be able to upload documents to the site for review by a CRC Specialist. Although the site allows you to upload a couple of different file types, we recommend that you upload a WORD document instead of a .pdf or rich text file. CRC Specialist typically review documents in the order in which they are received. We do not review submissions on the weekends. Please allow 72 hours within a normal business week to receive feedback on your documents.
  2. Will I need to schedule an appointment for CRC services? Appointments for basic services are not required but are highly recommended. You can call the CRC at (843) 349-7899 to schedule appointments for resume consultations, mock interviews, career guidance discussions, or to visit our clothing closet. For resume consultations and mock interviews, please allow 30 minutes to an hour for each appointment. If you miss an appointment and need to reschedule, please contact the CRC as soon as possible. It is your responsibility to reschedule missed appointments.
  3. Can I come to the Office of Career Services to work on my resume? Yes, you can come to the CRC to work on any career related document or to conduct employment searches. We cannot accommodate students who need to work non-career related assignments. You can visit the Library in Bldg. 1100 should you need accommodations to work on class assignments. Also, copier, email, phone, and fax services are for career related activities only.
  4. How do I find out about career fairs, job postings, and workshops? Best option is to use College Central Network (CCN) to stay on top of career events and job postings. We post jobs DAILY and publish dates and times of events on the site calendar. Also, check myHGTC regularly for announcements about career related events. We will normally send out emails through your HGTC email accounts if we post announcements to myHGTC. Our social media connections through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat (coming soon), and Instagram are also great ways to stay engaged with the center.
  5. Will I be able to use the Office of Career Services after I graduate? Indeed! You can use the Office of Career Services without restriction for up to two years after you graduate. If you have been outside of the community for more than two years, we welcome you to use the online career center (CCN) and will, from time to time, host workshops and events via the web for alumni who have been disconnected from the college for more than two years.

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