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ACCUPLACER® is a comprehensive battery of tests designed to provide information about students' English, reading, mathematics, and computer skills.

Tests within the ACCUPLACER System are delivered over the Internet and assist with determining if students are prepared for college-level courses or if they would benefit from developmental courses. The test questions are based on your responses to each question you've already answered. Questions increase or decrease in difficulty depending on your answers as you work through the test. ACCUPLACER tests are untimed, so you can move at a comfortable pace. It's important to give yourself enough time to do your best and complete the test because your results are the key factor in determining the courses you can take. Your results will be available immediately after you take the test.

*NOTE: ALL students must participate in The Start Right Experience before registering to take ACCUPLACER, which is offered in-person or online. The Start Right Experience is designed to ensure success in placement testing and prepare you to enter the college environment. Visit Student Information Center: TECH Central for in-person sessions, or complete The Start Right Experience online.

What type of questions can be expected?

There are three sections: Reading Comprehension, Writing, and Math. The Reading Comprehension test, comprised of 20 questions, measures your ability to understand what you read, to identify main ideas and to make inferences. You need to distinguish between direct statements and secondary or supporting ideas. The Writing test, comprised of 20 questions, is a broad-spectrum computer adaptive assessment of students’ developed ability to revise and edit a range of prose texts for effective expression of ideas and for conformity to the conventions of standard written English sentence structure, usage, and punctuation. The Math Skills portion includes addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, word problems, and algebra.

How can I get individual help at HGTC with reading, writing, and math skills?

HGTC now offers students a chance to re-take the Placement Exam and attempt to test into college level courses through a limited program called Placement Skills Program (PSP) or via Independent Study: https://libguides.hgtc.edu/techcentral/home

Where can I find test prep resources?