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Associate in Arts - Education Transfer Path - Associate in Arts Degree

Program Requirements:

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General College Admission
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If your career goal is teaching, HGTC's Associate in Arts - Education Transfer Path is the right path for you. Teachers are in high demand in South Carolina, and qualifying teachers can have their student loans forgiven through the South Carolina Teachers Loan Program

To assist students with their career and education goals, within the Associate in Arts the College has established career pathways intended for advising purposes. The career pathways include a limited number of courses specific for the career or discipline in which a student wishes to pursue. Students choosing a career pathway within the A.A. degree will graduate HGTC with the Associate in Arts degree.

HGTC has 2+2 transfer agreements in place with Coastal Carolina University for the following teacher preparation programs: Early Childhood, Elementary Ed, Middle Level Education, Special Education, and Physical Education. Students who are interested in transferring to a Teacher Education program at Coastal Carolina University or other senior institution should contact their Academic Advisor for assistance in course selection. It is also important for you to contact the Transfer Admissions Office of the transfer institution early in order to determine appropriate courses for transfer. 

Admission to the Professional School of Education at senior institutions requires passing scores on the PRAXIS I; HGTC offers PRAXIS preparation opportunities (EDU 102).

For more information contact:
Rebecca Hubbard - (843) 349-7117

Public Disclosure Information

See  AA - Education Transfer Public Disclosure Information

Curriculum Sequence

English Composition and Speech  
ALL of the following MUST be completed:
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
ENG 102 English Composition II 3
SPC 205 Public Speaking 3
   Total Credit Hours Needed 9
Mathematics - students interested in a education transfer path should take the following:  
MAT 250 Elementary Mathematics (Early Childhood, Elementary or Special Ed majors only)  
   Total Credit Hours Needed 3
Natural Sciences/Mathematics
TWO courses to be chosen from the following courses (may not repeat from above):
AST 101 AST 102 BIO 101 BIO 102 BIO 105
BIO 210 BIO 211 CHM 110 CHM 111 MAT 110
MAT 111 MAT 120 MAT 122 MAT 130 MAT 140
MAT 141 MAT 240 MAT 242 MAT 250 MAT 251
PHY 201 PHY 202      
   Total Credit Hours Needed 6
Humanities/Fine Arts
TWO courses to be chosen from the following courses:
ART 101 ART 108 ENG 201 ENG 202 ENG 205
ENG 206 ENG 208 ENG 209 ENG 214 ENG 218
ENG 224 ENG 230 ENG 236 FRE 201 FRE 202
GER 201 GER 202 HIS 101 HIS 102 HIS 201
HIS 202 HIS 214 MUS 105 MUS 111 MUS 112
PHI 101 PHI 110 PHI 115 PHI 201 REL 103
SPA 201 SPA 202 SPC 210 THE 101  
   Total Credit Hours Needed 6
Social Behavioral Sciences
Students interested in a education transfer path should take the following:
PSY 201        
ONE course to be chosen from the following:
ANT 101 ECO 210 ECO 211 GEO 101 GEO 102
PSC 201 PSC 215 PSY 203 PSY 210 PSY 212
SOC 101 SOC 102 SOC 205 SOC 210 SOC 220
   Total Credit Hours Needed 6
College Skills    
COL 105* Total Credit Hours Needed 3
To be selected from the Humanities/Fine Arts and Social Behavioral Sciences sections above.**
   Total Credit Hours Needed 15
Students interested in the education transfer path should take the following:***
EDU 102 EDU 110 EDU 201 EDU 241  
  Total Credit Hours Needed 13

*Transferability of COL 105 is at the discretion of the receiving university or college.

**IMPORTANT: Courses used to complete one requirement cannot be the same courses used to satisfy other requirements. 

***Students may substitute up to 6 hours of elective courses in this category with permission of the Department Chair.

NOTE: Education Transfer students should contact the program advisor before choosing courses.