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Latent Print Collection & Classification

Latent Print Collection and Classification - Certificate

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General College Admission
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Print Collection

The Certificate in Latent Print Collection, and Classification is designed to provide students with the knowledge and ability to secure latent and visible prints at crime scenes or from evidence and to classify those prints for identification and comparison. The curriculum teaches the techniques, procedures, and practices used in the detection, development, and processing of prints, regardless of type or circumstance, and the classification and comparison of prints, including systems such as AFIX Tracker. This certificate is specifically designed for students who are currently in law enforcement, or who are planning to seek a position in law enforcement and advance to the position of a criminal investigator or an assignment to a crime-scene unit. It is intended for those students who have completed the A.A.S. in Criminal Justice with an emphasis in Crime Scene Investigations (CSI), or a similar program at a regionally accredited institution of higher education, or in-service law enforcement officers with the permission of the Department Chair. 

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Career Outlook

This advanced-certificate program is designed to provide students with the general and specific techniques, procedures, and practices to secure latent and visible prints at crime scenes or from evidence and to classify those prints for identification and comparison.

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Program Information

Specific Admission Requirements for Program
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Prerequisite for this certificate is CRJ 235 or permission of the department chair based on CSI practical/field experience

Course Sequence and Progression Requirements
A minimum grade of C or better is required for all CRJ-prefixed courses for progression and graduation. Most Criminal Justice (CRJ) courses are offered only once each year, so following the recommended course sequence is extremely important.

Curriculum Sequence

First Semester
CRJ 141 Forensic and Investigative Report Writing 3
CRJ 200 Basic Latent Print Development Collection Techniques 3
CRJ 225 Impression Evidence 3
Second Semester
CRJ 198 Fingerprint Classification 3
CRJ 201 Fingerprint Science 3
CRJ 204 Advanced Crime Scene Investigative Photography 3
Third Semester
CRJ 197 Advanced Fingerprint Classification 3
CRJ 206 Advanced Techniques in Latent Print Development Collection 3
CRJ 264 Alternative Methods in Latent Print Development Collection 3