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PACE Dual Enrollment Program Experiences Growth

(Conway, SC) 10/11/2021

Horry-Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) is excited about the number of high school students getting a head start on their career pathways through the Program for Accelerated College Enrollment (PACE) Dual Enrollment program. Despite the obstacles students have faced over the last two years, the College has seen the highest numbers of PACE dual enrollment students in HGTC’s history with over 1,000 students enrolled this fall.  

The 2021 enrollment for high school students is up by 2.4% over fall 2020 and up 1.8% over fall 2019. Through the PACE Dual Enrollment program, students in Horry and Georgetown counties take college courses and learn about careers as well as transfer opportunities to four-year institutions.

Bullard twins in front of house

Matt Bullard (left) and Ben Bullard (right).

Twin brothers, Matthew “Matt” Bullard and Benjamin “Ben” Bullard are high school seniors enrolled in the program this fall. Their base school is Green Sea Floyds High School, and they also attend the Academy for Technology and Academics to receive their training for pre-medicine. According to the Bullard twins, they decided to enroll in the PACE program because it gives them the opportunity to get a head start on college courses while saving time and money.

“The PACE program is a great opportunity for students to take advantage of in high school. It gives students, like me, the opportunity to get a head start on college courses while getting some early insight as to what it is like to be a college student,” said Matt Bullard, HGTC PACE Student. “I would recommend that students start the dual enrollment program as soon as they are eligible. This will allow them to have more college classes under their belt before they graduate high school. I would also recommend students to consider what they want to major in once they begin college as a full-time student. Students can then make PACE course decisions based on the prerequisites in their major.”

Matt’s brother, Ben, also had some thoughts on his program experience so far.   

“I believe that this program is preparing me for my future. I enrolled in PACE because I felt like it would allow me to advance my education by obtaining college credits. Instead of taking high school electives that may not be geared toward their interests, it allows students to take courses that will help achieve their academic goals. I recommend that students who enroll in the PACE program be responsible, communicate with professors, manage their time wisely and take advantage of the resources that are available through HGTC,” said Ben Bullard, HGTC PACE student.

According to Adjunct Instructor Cody Norris, both Ben and Matt have been performing well in their online public speaking course and have a stellar work ethic. 

“From what I’ve learned so far about Ben and Matt, they are interested in pursuing degrees in the medical field and joining HGTC after graduating from the Green Sea Floyds High School. Both Ben & Matt are heavily involved in extracurricular activities, sports, and their church. To also be enrolled in a college course is exciting to see! I know Ben and Matt will continue to do great things, and I hope they are enjoying learning about public speaking and communications. I’m grateful that they are a part of our Dual Enrollment program,” said Norris.  

The PACE program offers opportunities for high-school juniors and seniors, as well as private and home-schooled students, to get a head start on college! Through the cooperation of the Horry and Georgetown County School Districts and the area high schools, the PACE program enables qualified students to meet high-school graduation requirements while taking college credit courses. These college credits may apply to programs of study at HGTC or transfer to senior institutions.

Romulus McNeill, guidance counselor at the Academy for Technology and Academics, recommends students for the PACE program during the Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) meetings with students and parents. “Matt and Ben are two of the finest and sweetest young men I have met in my career. They are awesome boys that I know will serve their community well,” said McNeill.

For more information about the HGTC PACE Dual Enrollment Program, please contact Hope Wofford, Dual Enrollment Director, at 843.477.2097 or hope.wofford@hgtc.edu.