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SC WINS Provides Additional Funds for Technical Education Scholarships

(Conway, SC) 07/03/2019

Residents of Horry and Georgetown Counties now have more financial resources to pay for technical education. With the recent legislative passing of the South Carolina Workforce and Industrial Needs Scholarship (SC WINS), regular curriculum and dually enrolled students will receive additional scholarship supplements to help cover tuition costs while training to meet one of South Carolina’s workforce needs.

SC WINS is a statewide technical college scholarship program designed to address workforce shortages and provide tuition assistance for dual enrollment students in South Carolina. The scholarship supplements Lottery Tuition Assistance to help cover any tuition and mandatory fees left after applying all other scholarships or grants.

“The SC WINS scholarship program will make a tremendous impact on both students and employers across our region,” said South Carolina State Senator Stephen Goldfinch. “By making education even more affordable for our residents and encouraging them to enter industries that need skilled workers, everyone wins.”

Awards will be available for eligible students in the Fall 2019 semester. The award is $50 per credit hour, up to a maximum of $600 per semester.

To be eligible for SC WINS funds, students must be enrolled in at least six credit hours and must be receiving Lottery Tuition Assistance Program Scholarship (LTAP) for the semester.

Students can qualify for SC WINS Tuition Scholarship in one of two ways:

  • Criteria One (Major): A student must be receiving a Lottery Tuition Assistance Program Scholarship (LTAP) for the current academic year and majoring in a critical workforce area as defined by the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education and be enrolled in at least one course in a critical workforce area during the semester.
  • Criteria Two (Income): A student must be receiving a LTAP scholarship for the current academic year and meet the USDA income eligibility guidelines for free and reduced-priced meals.

HGTC programs that meet the critical workforce criteria for SC WINS are:

For more information, dual enrollment students may contact Ann Reed Springs, dual enrollment program director, at 843-477-2064, and regular curriculum students may contact Cindy Hardwick, manager of verification and awarding, at 843-349-5304.