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Rules and Regulations

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Rules and Regulations

Item Lending Period and Overdue Fines

  • Circulating Books: 3 weeks/1 renewal $.10 per day
  • Reference Books: not applicable/library use only
  • Reserve Materials: 4 hours/library use only $1.00 per hour
  • Study Rooms: 4 hours/no renewal $1.00 per hour
  • Circulating DVDs/Videos: 3 weeks/1 renewal $.10 per day
  • Laptops: 7 days/no renewal $10.00 per day
  • eReaders: 3 weeks/no renewal $10.00 per day
  • iPads: 7 days/no renewal $10.00 per day
  • NOOK Tablets: 3 weeks/no renewal $10.00 per day
  • Magazines: not applicable/library use only
  • Popular Movies: 3 days/no renewal $.25 per day

**Library items may be renewed by phone or online if they are not overdue.**


Lost Materials

When library materials are lost or damaged, patrons will be responsible for the publisher's price of each item plus a $5.00 processing fee not to exceed a total cost of:

  • Circulating Book: $70.00
  • Circulating DVD: $75.00
  • Popular Movies: $30.00
  • Reserve Materials: Replacement Cost + $5.00 Processing Fee


Delinquent Borrowers

In order to borrow from the HGTC Library, a patron's account must be cleared of all fines. Student account holds will be placed on every account with overdue books or $5.00 or more in fines. Students with student account holds will be blocked from receiving transcripts and all borrowing privileges will be revoked. Please see a librarian at the campus nearest you to pay fines for any lost materials and processing charges. When the account is cleared of all fees, student account holds will be removed.

Study Rooms

Each campus library offers private study rooms that can hold anywhere from one to four people - perfect for quietly studying for an exam or working with a group on a project. Click here to view the study room rules and regulations.


Food & Drink Rules and Regulations

In the interest of providing a comfortable and positive learning environment for our users, the HGTC Library permits limited consumption of light snack food and non-alcoholic drinks in covered/secure containers in most areas of the library. Click here to view the food and drink rules and regulations.


Noise & Cell Phone Rules and Regulations

As an academic library, we seek to provide a scholarly environment that allows for quiet study. Although we recognize that certain library activities (such as Reference and Circulation) generate some noise, we ask that all patrons and staff work cooperatively to minimize noise in the library. If you must talk in the library, please respect those who seek a quiet place to study by keeping your voice to a whisper and your conversation to a minimum. Students are asked to use areas outside the library for calls and general conversation. Click here to view the noise and cell phone rules and regulations.


Computer and Internet Rules and Regulations

Computers in the library are provided for educational purposes only. Priority is always given to students conducting school-related research or work. Chat rooms and illicit Internet sites are strictly prohibited at all HGTC campus libraries. Computers are carefully monitored at each campus to prevent this type of use. See the library's computer rules and regulations and the college's computer policy (see section 7.2.3).



The Library of Horry-Georgetown Technical College will accept donations with the understanding that they will not necessarily be added to the collection. The Donor Form will be submitted with the donation. Donations are acknowledged with a form letter. Click here to view our collection development guidelines.