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Mission & Vision

Horry-Georgetown Technical College

Mission & Vision

Mission Statement:

Horry-Georgetown Technical (HGTC) is committed to inclusion, equity and diversity. We strive to have a community that represents diversity in its many dimensions. In support of this commitment, the Inclusion & Diversity Council seeks to ensure recruitment of an applicant pool that is traditionally under-represented. Through student engagement/community initiatives, we aim to develop a substantially more inclusive and culturally diverse environment.


Integrate inclusion initiative to recruit and retain faculty, staff, and student broadly reflective of the community into existing processes enabling progress to be measured college-wide. With “Inclusion” as a primary focus, the College commits to serve as a leader in creating a supportive environment for embracing diversity and cultivate a culture of inclusiveness throughout the community. This community will uphold tolerance, understanding and mutual respect for all identities.

IDEA - Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, Access


The established HGTC Inclusion & Diversity Council will focus and be responsible to work with all members of the HGTC Community to:

  • Proactively identify areas of focus for expanding work on inclusion, diversity and equity
    • Explore perceptions and challenge stereotypes
    • Diverse Recruitment Plan - fair hiring practices to attract and retain employees and students of diverse backgrounds. (beyond the search committee)
    • Diverse Student Recruitment Plan
  • Provide strategic advice and recommendations to the President and Cabinet on systemic ways of responding to campus issues
  • Educate and engage with the campus community to gather everyone's best thinking to make HGTC the standard-bearer for work on inclusion
  • Review and evaluate the college’s training and education efforts
    • Provide on-going training sessions related to unconscious bias in the workforce
    • Customer Service Training – engaging with diverse student populations and workforce.
    • Incorporating inclusive pedagogy within the classroom
  • Review and evaluate campus policies and practices with an eye to ensuring a campus climate built on inclusiveness, mutual respect, education, appreciation and understanding
  • Collectively, hold the community and ourselves accountable for upholding our commitments to inclusion, diversity and equity.
    • Support all members regardless of race, economic class, religion, social orientation, age, physical characteristics or abilities.
  • Development of a number of diversity and cultural groups on campus. These groups would hold regular meetings and events on campus for all HGTC students.
  • Keep the HGTC community informed of its progress
    • Marketing HGTC as an employer and school of choice in an effective way that illustrates diversity within the college
  • Empower students, faculty, administrators and staff to participate in ongoing diversity efforts
    • Creating an inclusive student and work life within the HGTC Community
    • Enrich The HGTC College experience