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Photographing with an Awareness of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

In the Spring of 2021, Anthropology students learned about an anthropological concept known as ethnographical research, a qualitative research method in which the ethnographer can study a diverse range of subject matters. Ethnographers (students) examine subjects with the aim to better understand what makes us human based on our culture and customs. If we take a deeper look into our national and local communities, we see that we have been living in turbulent times, but humankind continues to rise to meet the multitude of socio-political circumstances.

This ethnographical research project focused on students using their digital cameras from their cell phones to take pictures of subject(s) that spoke to them, through their lens, of how they see diversity, equality, and inclusion. How do these tenets show up in their day-to-day lives? Students’ photographs ranged in visual representations; focusing on nature, identities, race, and cultural customs. As each student introduced his/her photograph to classmates, we learned from them, first-hand, the importance of “human equality.” Most students revealed during their presentations that they are working on being more accepting of others no matter their identity or sexual orientation.

If we created a visual representation of DEI, what would it look like?