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SSTC Student Testimonials

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Video Testimonials

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Student Testimonial from Carolyn P., April 2014

Student Testimonial from Earl G, April 2014

Student Testimonial from Georgette C., April 2014


Written Testimonials

"I have used SSTC many times. I am 63 years old and school has changed a lot . The encouragement I receive from the tutors enables me to better understand assignments and feel confident I will be successful." - Brenda C., SSTC spring 2014 survey

“Thanks to SSTC, I am able to succeed in academics, making A’s and B’s. Every student should utilize the SSTC center; especially, Writing center, Biology, CPT, and Math. They can help students in other subjects.” - Harue H., April 2014

"“She was a life savor! She helped me with issues I had, and now I am positive that I could do it on my own.”- Mary H., April 2014

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