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SSTC Student Testimonials

View student videos and read what others students say about the SSTC here.


Video Testimonials

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Student Testimonial from Carolyn P., April 2014

Student Testimonial from Earl G, April 2014

Student Testimonial from Georgette C., April 2014


Written Testimonials

"Doing a great job. Every year always striving to be better than last year. Is is evident that you take a student's opinion into consideration. Thank you." - SSTC Fall 2015 Survey

"I am an older student working on my second degree and I love the SSTC. There was nothing like this when getting my first degree we just had a PA (professor assistant) to ask questions or have a one time study session with for the entire semester. The SSTC staff is friendly and extremely helpful. The models, books, computers, etc. are up to date and relevant to current classes. Please do not cut anything from this program. If anything make it bigger! I have zero complaints and tell everyone about the SSTC!!" - Kristin F., SSTC Fall 2015 survey

“SSTC is such a great service provided for no cost the student. It has helped me a ton!.” - Amanda D., SSTC Fall 2015 survey

"“She was a life savor! She helped me with issues I had, and now I am positive that I could do it on my own.”- Mary H., April 2014