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Request In-Class Class Visits and Workshops

Each Semester, the SSTC requests from faculty for class visits and/or workshops for students: these can occur in your scheduled classroom or through a scheduled tour of the SSTC. Please contact us to schedule visits today.

Class visits are pre-scheduled brief 5-15 minute visits to your class to inform students about our free support services.  For online courses, faculty may include in your online course a link to the SSTC website; please request your students to view our short SSTC welcome video posted.

Workshops, which can last up to an hour, provide an overview of SSTC services and teach critical academic success and college success skills to your students: study skills, test taking strategies/anxiety, and time management to name a few. We help students identify and begin using the most helpful and critical academic tools for their success.

We provide voluntary workshops outside of the classroom environment as well.  These are usually scheduled and hosted at the Student Information Centers.  Faculty are welcome to request students to attend 2-4 workshops as a part of a class assignment or a grade.

Recommend Academic Coaches for Us!

The SSTC holds the highest regard for faculty and their mission in the classroom. We trust that faculty understand their students, career endeavors, strengths and weaknesses, and capacity to coach and lead others academically. 

The SSTC encourages and depends on faculty to make academic coach recommendations to provide our centers with capable and knowledgeable personnel. Faculty are welcome to make recommendations at any point in time during the academic year; we strive to have the centers fully staffed with academic coaches by the second week of the semester when tutoring officially begins.

We employ work study and non-work study students who meet our needs as a qualified academic coach.  Please keep in mind that the SSTC hires students based on available funding and to meet student demand. Email Jenifer.Riddei@hgtc.edu your academic coach recommendations. Please include the student's name, H number, phone number, and course subject(s)/number(s) that he/she is available to coach. We also ask that the student have completed the course entirely, as well as, maintain a B or better in any course he/she is to coach. A short interview with SSTC staff is required.

Academic Coach Recommendation Form - Recommend a coach today!

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