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CHAT LIVE with a college representative or visit the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central, to get help with admissions, financial aid, and more!  Contact the WNC at 843-349-5182, or view the WaveNet registration guide.

Pay Special Attention to Important dates & Tuition deadlines

  • May 19 -Classes begin for Full Summer & Summer I
  • June 2 - Flex Start Classes Begin
  • June 4 -  Last day to Add/Drop Flex Start
  • June 16 - Reminder: Final tuition deadline Summer II
  • June 23 - Summer II classes begin

Other Important Information 

  • Need to pay a bill, change your schedule, find your H number?  Visit The Wavenet Central Student Information Center on any campus for answers to frequently asked questions.
  • Need a Campus ID or Parking permit? Parking permits  and Campus ID's are issued by Campus Security You will need to bring: driver’s license or photo ID, H number and/or current vehicle registration and  schedule of classes.
  • Hungry? find out what dining options are available at HGTC!
  • Lost? HGTC will have staff on hand in each building to help you find your way, or download campus maps here.
  • Purchase text books: The Barnes and Noble Bookstore is located on every campus; bring your class schedule to select the correct books and materials.
  • Have questions about Email, D2l? Contact or call 843-349-5340
  • Get involved at HGTC: Learn more about what clubs and organizations are offered.
  • See College Catalog/Student Handbook: Get detailed answers to your questions, important phone numbers, student policies, and more.
  • Check class schedules before classes begin: Be sure to check the campus location of each class; look for location on your schedule. Make sure each class is on the campus you plan to attend.  Avoid unnecessary travel time.  Notice the  start date of your class; some classes are LATE START!  

    Campus Legend: C = Conway, G = Georgetown, S = Grand Strand, I - Internet, H = Hybrid