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Written Testimonials

Please view the written testimonials below from students who have utilized the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central for assistance. We are here to help you be successful!

"[The Compass Skills Center] was a very helpful learning experience. I have been out of high school for many years and this helped me get back on track." - Brian A., Student Survey, June 2014

"I saw [a WNC Specialist] and she really helped me a lot. I had some issues with my schedule and she answered and helped solve all of them, even showed me some tutorial videos!! She also helped me with some of the locations of my classes (this is my first semester), a guide of the campus, and how to sign up for a campus tour!! Then informed me of parking stickers, student IDs, and gave me information on how to get them!! She was very pleasant ... SHE ROCKS !!! Thanks..." - Ashley C., May 2014

"Was a great feeling to be around people with good smiles and to feel like I belong" - Jack C., April 2014

"She was very kind and told me what I needed in a very efficient manner." - Benjamin S., April 2014

"Well let me begin by saying that all the staff at the Student Information Center: WaveNet Central are extraordinary at what they do. Every encounter and problem I had was faced head on and with zealous, [they] give 100% to assist in your success. I highly recommend anyone who needs to bring Compass test scores up work with the people at WaveNet Central." - Mary Rose S., December 2013

"I always know exactly what I'm doing by the time I leave here." and "I feel like a great burden has been lifted off my back." - Corey H., October 2013

"Very nice and polite. She also showed me the correct way to uploading to my email." - Valerie J., October 2013

"...very helpful and very polite at all times. Goes out of his way to help and show me how to do things on my own in future. Always a positive experience." - Rochelle D., September 2013

"I am really thankful for the patience that each person gives. This lets me know that they really care." - Nisa B., August 2013

"Very helpful to new students to the college. Thank you very much." - Zachary D., August 2013

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