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Returning Students

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Returning Student Admissions

If you attended HGTC more than a year ago or have already graduated from Horry-Georgetown Technical College, you need to follow the steps below to reapply.

If you attended HGTC less than a year ago, see your academic advisor for help with registering for classes. If you are a returning student who is also an international student, click here for the steps you'll need to follow to enroll at HGTC.

Returning students are those who previously enrolled in an associate degree, diploma or certificate program at HGTC, but who have not been enrolled in classes during the previous twelve (12) calendar months. In order to be eligible for re-admission to the College, returning students must not have any outstanding financial obligations to the College, must submit an application for readmission along with the non-refundable application fee. PACE or other dually-enrolled students must submit a new HGTC application (fee waived, if within twelve (12) months) prior to re-enrolling as an HGTC student in order to identify a major (program of study) and be recognized as a college student for financial aid eligibility.

Follow These Easy Steps to Re-enroll at HGTC:

  • 1. Submit the application

    Choose one of the following methods to apply to HGTC

    Horry Georgetown Technical College
    P.O. Box 261966
    Conway, SC 29528-6066

    Each application must be submitted along with a non-refundable $30 fee.

  • 2. Begin the Financial Aid process

    No matter how you intend to pay for tuition and fees, it's a good idea to begin the Financial Aid application process when you apply to HGTC. Learn more about Financial Aid

  • 3. Submit transcript(s)

    If you have attended another college or university since attending HGTC, please have the school you attended submit your transcript to the HGTC Admissions Office. You may choose to have your transcripts sent electronically to

  • 4. Submit scores from the college placement test (ACCUPLACER)

    For some returning students, placement testing might be necessary. You can schedule a ACCUPLACER placement test online at This test is free to college applicants.


    • After your application is complete, you will receive your HGTC student ID number, called an " H-number". Be sure to make a copy of this number for your home and carry your H-number card when you're on campus
    • You will also receive a Username and Password for access to WaveNet, the college-information site. You will have a WaveNet account so that you can check financial aid, account balance, grades, email, and much more. On each campus, WaveNet Central can assist you in navigating this useful site.
  • 5. Attend an Advisement Session.

    Your Academic Advisor will help you create your schedule of classes, so make sure you see an advisor as soon as you have completed the admissions process. Advisors see students on a walk-in basis all year long, so there's no need for an appointment. However, please try to avoid the busiest time, which is right before the beginning of each semester. See a  list of our Academic Advisors, if you have questions about the advisement process, email our staff at

  • 6. Pay your tuition and fees by the deadline to avoid being dropped from classes.

    Check the Academic Calendar for these important dates.

Students are not required to meet with an advisor to register for classes, though it is extremely helpful. If you are unable to come by campus due to a busy schedule or a distant location, you can use WaveNet to register yourself, check your financial-aid status, and even view the HGTC academic calendar. If you need assistance while registering yourself, please remember that we are only a phone call or email away!

Stop by any of our three campuses, give us a call at (843) 349-5277, or email us at