Online Steps Sessions

Advanced Placement Nursing (RN) Online STEPS Session

The Associate Degree in Nursing Advanced Placement Program is a 3 semester program that begins every Summer and Fall semester on the Grand Strand Campus. Admission is based on weighted criteria. Applicants must have current LPN licensure in South Carolina.

Application periods:

  • January 1 –31 for admission into the Summer semester(accept 16 students at Grand Strand)
  • March 1 –31 for admission into the Fall semester(accept 16 students at Grand Strand)

To apply to the program students must:

1. Have at least a 2.75 GPA (transfer grades included) after completing the following prerequisites* with a C or higher:

  • BIO 210
  • BIO 211 (5 yr. time limit)
  • BIO 225 (5 yr. time limit)
  • ENG 101
  • ENG 102
  • PSY 201
  • SPC 205
  • Humanities of your choice**
  • MAT 110 or 120 (10 yr. time limit)

**Prerequisites for the above courses may include: BIO 112 or 101, ENG 100, and MAT 101 with the possibility of other developmental courses being required depending on placement test scores. Enrollment advisors will discuss placement with you after admission to the college
**Humanities: ART 101, ART 105, ART 108, ENG 201, ENG 202, ENG 205, ENG 206, ENG 208, ENG 209, HIS 101, HIS 102, HIS 201, HIS 202, MUS 105, PHI 101, PHI 110, REL 103, THE 101

2. Submit a copy of current South Carolina LPN license.

Weighted Values for the selection process

Completed 9 Nursing core courses GPA Points Earned
3.88-4.0 GPA 10
3.76-3.87 GPA 9
3.63-3.75 GPA 8
3.51-3.62 GPA 7
3.38-3.5 GPA 6
3.26-3.37 GPA 5
3.13-3.25 GPA 4
3.01-3.12 GPA 3
2.88-3.0 GPA 2
2.75-2.87 GPA 1

Completed at least 8 credit hours of the 9 Nursing core courses (BIO210, BIO211, BIO225, ENG101, ENG102, MAT110/120, PSY201, SPC205, and Humanities) from HGTC or CCU

Horry or Georgetown County Resident (as established by the College) 1
Total Points  

Additional Requirements:

  • Be sure to complete steps 1 –4 on the Health Science page
  • Applications must be submitted to the Admissions office on any campus during the application period to be considered. Early, late, or incomplete applications will not be reviewed.
  • If you have not already done so read and sign the Additional Admission/Placement Requirements Affidavit.

The following requirements must be completed AFTER being accepted into the Nursing program. We will provide you with the instructions to complete the requirements AFTER we notify you of acceptance into the program but PLAN AHEAD to cover the costs of these items. Without completion of these requirements you will not be allowed to begin the program. 

Miscellaneous Information

  • Acceptance into the Advanced Placement Nursing program is limited and competitive. There is no guarantee of acceptance. Your grades are very important. Even though the minimum GPA requirement is 2.75 you should strive for a much higher GPA to be competitive.
  • Other expenses for which you are responsible may include, but are not limited to: $500 deposit to reserve your seat, purchasing scrubs and shoes, gas and transportation to clinical sites, Licensing Exam fees of $200 -$300.
  • Classes and clinicals associated with this program are during the day. Once accepted you will attend 3 semesters, year round, including summer. Please plan ahead financially as you may not receive financial aid for the summer.
  • Clinicals will vary by semester but may require 1-2 days a week. Students may have to travel up to a 100 mile radius to fulfill clinical requirements.
  • Completion of your Associate in Science with Health Science Emphasis is recommended if planning to obtain a BSN at CCU. MAT 120, PSY 203, and AHS 108 are required to obtain a BSN at CCU.
  • HGTC reserves the right to change the Admission requirements at any time. You will be required to adhere to any changes that are made at the time you submit your application. 

I have read the requirements for admission into the Advanced Placement Nursing (RN) program at Horry Georgetown Technical College and I understand that I must fulfill these requirements in order to be eligible for admission: