High School Student Programs

PaceDual Enrollment through the Program for Accelerated College Enrollment (PACE)

The PACE program offers opportunities for high-school juniors and seniors, as well as private and home-schooled students, to get a head start on college! Through the cooperation of the Horry and Georgetown County School Districts and the area high schools, the PACE program enables qualified students to meet high-school graduation requirements while taking college credit courses. These college credits may apply to programs of study at Horry Georgetown Technical College or transfer to senior institutions.

Advantages of the PACE Program

PACE Dual Enrollment classes offered through HGTC helps students to:

  • Earn credits now that apply to high school and college degree requirements;
  • Reduce the course load during your college freshman and sophomore years, improving your ability to meet and maintain the “B” average required for LIFE or other scholarships;
  • Provide a smooth transition from high school to the academic demands of college;
  • Boost your high school GPA/Class Rank;
  • Apply your PACE course towards a SC Honors Diploma;
  • Improve your SAT scores;
  • Reduce overall college costs significantly.

Who is Eligible?

High school juniors and seniors may be eligible, based on parent permission, guidance counselor approval and meeting HGTC placement requirements (SAT or ACT or HGTC’s COMPASS). Each prospective PACE student must complete the PACE Application Packet.

Permission is required for all high school students to enroll in PACE courses. Private-school or home-schooled students who wish to enroll for dual credit must request written confirmation from their private high school or home-school organization to document that high school credit will be awarded. 

PACE dual credit allows students to enroll in University Parallel courses for college credit, as well as high school credit. Students who take these courses are earning credits towards high school graduation requirements and also obtain college credit. These courses are taken during the normal school operational hours and will affect high school GPA.

PACE dual enrollment allows students to enroll in University Parallel courses or courses in HGTC’s various programs for associate degrees, diplomas, or certificates to earn college credit only. These courses are not required for high school graduation; therefore, they may be taken outside of the regular school day, in the evenings, or during summer sessions. They may be taken during the school day if students’ schedule permits. These courses do not affect the high school GPA. 

Follow These Easy Steps to Enroll in the PACE Program:

  1. Complete a Dual Enrollment/PACE Application and return to your high school counselor
    All students should contact their high school Guidance Counselor to obtain the PACE application packet. If you do not have a guidance counselor you can contact HGTC Admissions or call (843) 349-5277.

  2. Submit the completed application & FAFSA Waiver with required signatures to your high school or private school counselor
    The SC residency section on the application must be completed. Home-schooled students should  submit a completed application and FAFSA Waiver to HGTC Admissions.

  3. Submit ACT, SAT, or COMPASS test scores

    After testing, turn in your scores to your school counselor

  4. Work with your school counselor or home-school parent to select the appropriate courses for registration

    PACE students may enroll in courses designed to transfer to a senior institution or in courses that apply to associate degree, diploma, or certificate programs.

  5. Complete the Academic Testing & Course Recommendation section of the PACE Application.
    Your school counselor or home-school parent will complete and sign this section.

  6. Review and sign the HGTC Dual Enrollment Attendance Agreement on page 2 of the application.
    Student and parent or guardian must sign the agreement.

Important Reminders for Completing the PACE Application and FAFSA Waiver

  1. Residency Section: This information is required for verification of Horry and Georgetown County residence. If you were born in South Carolina, please put your birth date for the Date Present Stay in SC Began. If not, use the date you moved to South Carolina.
  2. FAFSA Waiver:  Complete the full form and mark the space indicating that you are a current high-school student in dual enrollment, sign it, and date the bottom. The FAFSA Waiver is necessary because it determines your eligibility for Lottery Tuition Assistance without having to submit a FAFSA form.*
  3. Test Scores: Submit qualifying ACT/SAT scores to your counselor.  If you have not taken either of these or your scores did not meet the minimum requirements, you may take the Compass Test either at your high school or at the HGTC campus.  Your counselor will assist you with scheduling the testing option available for your high school site. If your counselor cannot administer the test, you need to make an appointment for COMPASS testing at HGTC. You can schedule your appointment here. After testing, turn in your scores to your school counselor.

    Note: Incomplete PACE packets without high school signatures/parent or student signatures, social security numbers, test scores, or FAFSA Waiver will result in delayed admissions, non-admissions, or loss of preferred classes.

*SC Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA)

Students who have completed high school, SC Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA) requires submission of the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid); however, students enrolled in high school may sign the FAFSA waiver and be eligible for LTA. This FAFSA Waiver is included in the PACE Application packet and must be submitted. LTA is not based on financial need and covers over 50% of tuition costs

PACE students are eligible for SC Lottery Tuition Assistance (LTA), upon meeting qualifications set by the state and enrolling in a minimum of 6 credits per semester.

High School students prior to graduation may receive LTA, which does not affect the LIFE or Palmetto scholarships, which begin following the completion of high school.

Upon graduation from high school, students cannot receive LTA and LIFE/Palmetto in the same academic year (applies to Early Completers).For example, early completers who graduate high school mid-year may not receive LTA in the fall ( enrolled in PACE classes during high-school) and LIFE in the spring (their first semester of college post high-school graduation).

Important Note: The grades of college courses completed in high school will affect your class standing and/or GPA and, therefore, will affect your eligibility for LIFE and other scholarships following graduation. 

Pace Orientation Information

Students and parents are both invited to attend PACE Orientation at any of the HGTC campuses.  The Spring 2014 orientation schedule will be available soon. We look forward to seeing students and parents there.

For more information about Orientation contact:

Dr. Kimberly Britt, (843) 349-7138 or Becky Hubbard (843) 349-7117.