HGTC offers options that fit your schedule-Flex Start Flex Start Classes begin February 2nd!

Flex Start classes allow you to start later in the semester, finish on time and have a flexible schedule.

New Classes have been added in areas such as:

Math, Science, English, Humanities, Social Sciences, Online, Hybrid, and more!

New & Continuing Student Registration Information


Pay Special Attention to Important dates:

  • December 12 - Spring 2015 Application Deadline
  • January 7 -  Final tuition deadline Full Spring purge for nonpayment
  • January 8 - Late Registration Fees Apply   
  • January 12 - Classes begin Full Spring
  • January 16 - Last day to Add/Drop Full Spring classes
  • January 28 - Reminder - Final tuition deadline Late Start
  • February 2 - Classes begin Late Start