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NetworkingComputer Technology, Networking Emphasis - Associate in Applied Science

With the widespread use of computers around the world, there is an ongoing need for skilled computer specialists. The Associate in Applied Science degree in Computer Technology - Networking Emphasis prepares students for entry-level positions in a vast number of industries. After completing a year in general computer courses, students choose an emphasis in Programming or Networking. The Networking emphasis provides skills in network architecture, network design, and LAN/WAN services and support. These valuable skills enable graduates to work in IT for small businesses, public and private corporations, and in private practice. 

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Career Outlook

A network technician has the technical knowledge and ability to work as a network architect, network designer, and network administrator. Graduates of the A.A.S. in Computer Technology - Networking Emphasis degree program can begin their careers with small businesses, public and private corporations, and in private practice.

For more information about careers, visit O*Net Online for an overview of South Carolina and National earnings statistics, and Horry Georgetown Technical College's Career Resource Center for more employment, career, and professional development resources.

Curriculum Sequence

First Semester - Fall    
CPT 168 Programming Logic & Design 3
CPT 170 Microcomputer Applications 3
CPT 209 Computer Systems Management 3
MAT 101 * Beginning Algebra 3
PHI 103 * Workplace Ethics 3
Second Semester - Spring    
CPT 176 Micro Operating Systems 3
CPT 187 Object-Oriented Logic & Design 3
CPT 270 Advanced Microcomputer Applications 3
IST 166 Network Fundamentals 3
MAT 122 Finite College Math 3
Third Semester - Summer    
CPT 260 Operating Systems & Web Servers 3
ENG 155 * Communications I 3
IST 161 Introduction to Network Administration 3
IST 162 Intro. to Workstation Networking Fundamentals 3
PSY 103 Human Relations 3
Fourth Semester - Fall    
ENG 160 * Technical Communications 3
CPT 240 Database 3
IST 165 Implementing & Administering Network Directory Services 3
IST 291 Fundamentals of Network Security I 3
  Elective 3
Fifth Semester - Spring    
CPT 264 Systems & Procedures 3
IST 209 Fundamentals of Wireless LANs 3
IST 261 Advanced Network Administration 3
  ** Electives (Choose two) 6



*Students interested in the Transfer & University Parallel Programs should elect the following courses: MAT 110 College Algebra for MAT
101 Beginning Algebra; PSY 201 General Psychology for PSY 103 Human Relations; ENG 101 English Composition I; SPC 205 Public
Speaking for ENG 155 Communications I; ENG 102 English Composition II for ENG 160 Technical Communications; and PHI 110 Ethics
for PHI 103 Workplace Ethics.
**ARV 121 or CPT 213 or CPT 280 or IST 201, IST 202, IST 203, IST 204, IST 236, IST 242, IST 290, IST 292 or CWE XX3