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General BusinessGeneral Business - Associate in Applied Science

If the world of business is your kind of challenge, HGTC's Associate in Science in General Business degree program will prepare you for a career as a prospective member of management in a wide variety of industries. With extensive training in all phases of organization, management, and business procedures, General Business graduates are qualified for most entry-level positions in business, such as manager-trainee, junior accountant, or sales representative.

While some of the courses in the General Business degree program transfer to a senior institution, this degree is not designed as a "transfer" degree, but, rather, is a career degree that prepares you for employment.

In addition to the traditional classroom delivery of instruction, the HGTC Business department is a leader in the offering of online courses.

HGTC's General Business program is accredited. For more information about HGTC's accreditations, click here.

For more information, contact:

Candace Howell (843) 349-7132

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Career Outlook

General Business graduates find that they are highly-sought employees, with skills that qualify them to be manager-trainees, junior accountants, or sales representatives. Employment opportunities can be found in the following fields:

  • Public relations
  • Banks
  • Education, legal, and medical offices
  • Construction companies
  • Investment firms
  • Retailers
  • Real estate companies
  • Government agencies

For more information about careers, visit O*Net Online for an overview of South Carolina and National earnings statistics, and Horry Georgetown Technical College's Career Resource Center for more employment, career, and professional development resources.

Employers of HGTC Alumni Include:

  • Carolina Opry
  • Margaritaville Restaurant

Curriculum Sequence

First Semester - Fall    
ACC 101 Accounting Principles I 3
BUS 101 Introduction to Business 3
CPT 170 Microcomputer Applications 3
ENG 155 Communications I 3
Second Semester - Spring    
ACC 102 Accounting Principles II 3
ENG 160 Technical Communications 3
MAT 101 Beginning Algebra*** 3
MGT 101 Principles of Management 3
MKT 101 Marketing 3
Third Semester - Summer    
ACC 124 Individual Tax Procedures 3
BUS 121 Business Law I 3
BUS 220 Business Ethics  
BUS 270 SCWE in Business**  
MGT 150 Fundamentals of Supervision 3
MKT 110 Retailing 3
Fourth Semester - Fall    
BAF 101 Personal Finance 3
BUS 121 Business Law I 3
BUS 220 Business Ethics  
BUS 270 SCWE in Business**  
ECO 210 Macroeconomics 3
ECO 211 Microeconomics  
MKT 135 Customer Service Techniques 3
Fifth Semester - Spring    
BAF 260 Financial Management 3
BUS 121 Business Law I 3
BUS 220 Business Ethics  
BUS 270 SCWE in Business**  
BUS 240 Business Statistics 3
IDS 201 Leadership Development* 3
MGT 201 Human Resources Management 3



*Humanities: IDS 201, Leadership Development, is the preferred course. Should IDS 201 not be available, other courses are permissible with specific permission of the student's advisor. Examples include: ART 101, HIS 101, HIS 102, HIS 201, HIS 202, MUS 105, PHI 101, PHI 103, PHI 110, ENG 201, ENG 202, ENG 205, ENG 206, ENG 208 or ENG 209
**Each student is required to complete BUS 121, BUS 220, and BUS 270; however, to provide greater flexibility to complete the SCWE, the student may choose to complete BUS 270 in either the summer, fall, or spring semester and to complete BUS 121 and BUS 220 in the other semesters. Close coordination with the advisor is required for completion of BUS 270.
***For transfer to senior institutions, students should select the following transfer courses: ENG 101 and SPC 205 for ENG 155; ENG 102 for ENG 160; MAT 110 or 120 for MAT 101.