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Sports Turf Management

Golf & Sports Turf Management - Associate in Applied Science Degree

Program Requirements:

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General College Admission
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(843) 349-5277

managing a baseball field

Sports Turf Management

The only associate degree Golf and Sports Turf Management program in South Carolina, this curriculum prepares students for sports-turf management positions such as superintendent, assistant superintendent, and foreman.

For more information, contact:
Charles Granger - (843) 349-5189
Ashley G Wilkinson - (843) 349-5364

Career Outlook

Graduates of the Sports Turf Management program are qualified for entry-level positions with sporting venues and turf-product companies. Other employment areas include turf management, sod production, park management, and turf products sales positions.

For more information about careers, visit O*Net Online for an overview of South Carolina and National earnings statistics, and Horry Georgetown Technical College's Career Resource Center for more employment, career, and professional development resources.

Public Disclosure Information

See     Sports Turf Management Disclosure Information  

Curriculum Sequence

First Semester - Fall    
ENG 101 English Composition I 3
HRT 110 Plant Form and Function 4
HRT 125 Soils 4
MAT 170 Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry I 3
TUF 171 Introduction to Turf Management 3
  TOTAL 17
Second Semester - Spring    
CWE  Cooperative Work Experience 3
ENG 160 Technical Communications I* 3
HRT 205 Computers in Horticulture 3
TUF 172 Turf Management I 3
TUF 174 Turfgrass Pests 3
TUF 204 Sports Turf Seminar 2
  TOTAL 17
Third Semester - Summer    
TUF 203 SCWE in Sports Turf Management 8
Fourth Semester - Fall    
  Humanities 3
SPC 101 Oral Communications* 2
TUF 175 Turfgrass Pests II 3
TUF 252 Turf Management II 3
TUF 278 Sports Field Construction/Drainage 3
  TOTAL 14
Fifth Semester - Spring    
HRT 154 Grounds Maintenance 3
PSY 103 Human Relations* 3
TUF 173 Sports Turf Surveying and Layout 2
TUF 215 Turf Business Practices 3
TUF 262 Pesticides 3
TUF 270 Techniques of Sports Field Maintenance 4
  TOTAL 18




*Students continuing towards a bachelor’s degree path are advised to take ENG 102, English Composition II, in place of ENG 160; SPC 205, Public Speaking, in place of SPC 101; and PSY 201, General Psychology, in place of PSY 103.